The Counter Souls We Attack To Kill An We Are Fearless

This is a developing clan in AQworlds we are strong we have top notch soldiers and know how to fight and have 5 leaders with extra ranks to come under the leader
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 clan meetings

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PostSubject: clan meetings   Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:42 am

hey guys its ghallahad and i was just thinking since the clan is pretty much inactive that maybe we should meet up somedays at certain times and everything and have like a clan meeting in like maybe the chat box where we can discuss like what we're planning and new ideas even though we can just post ideas i think its a great idea and like we can schedule stuff for events and whatever also if you cant make it you can pm whoever is in charge of the meeting if you are in charge than you must be there or make someone else in charge. we can have one or two every week maybe just an idea. also someone can make a poll cause i dont know how to
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clan meetings
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